Regatta 12th & 13th September 2020


Sailing Instructions


The Regatta will be governed by the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescriptions of the RYA, the  Avon Navigation Trust bye-laws and restrictions, class rules for competing classes, except as any of these are altered by these sailing instructions, and by these sailing instructions.

Competitors and spectators should make themselves aware of the Club’s Coronavirus guidelines, last updated on 9 July [posted on TCSC Facebook page].

1.       Entries

Eligible boats may be entered by completing the registration form attached to these instructions.  Eligibility for each competition is shown on the registration form, and interpretation is at the discretion of the Race Officer.

Each entered boat will be allocated a yardstick in accordance with the RYA Portsmouth Yardstick Scheme. Any entered boat not covered by this scheme will be allocated a Trial Yardstick Number. It is the responsibility of the person entering each boat to check the yardstick allocated at the time of registration

Boats defined by their class rules as being crewed by two persons shall be deemed out of class and therefore not eligible to race if sailed single-handedly, with the exception of the Mirror Dinghy, for which provision exists in class rules.

2.       Race Briefings

Race briefings, with social distancing, will be held at the Race Hut at the beginning of racing on each day, as follows:

Saturday 12th September 2020: 11.00 (Cruisers); 12.00 (Juniors) 14:30 (Dinghies)

Sunday, 13th September 2020:  10.00 (Dinghies)

3.       Notices to Competitors

Notices to competitors will be posted on the clubhouse windows, viewable from outside.Changes in Sailing Instructions

Any changes in the sailing instructions will be posted at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the first race of the day on which the changes are to take effect, except that any change in the scheduled race times will be posted a minimum of 30 minutes before the scheduled start time or the re-scheduled start time of the affected race, whichever is earlier.

4.       Signals Made Ashore

Signals made ashore will be displayed at the Race Hut.

5.       Racing Area

The racing area will be as shown on the Race Hut Notice Board. Please do not congregate in this area.

6.       The Course

The course for each race will be displayed on the Race Hut Notice Board prior to each race.

7.       Marks

Marks for races will be orange buoys with white numeral markings (1 to 6) in ascending order up stream.

8.       Schedule of Races

See the Schedule of Races at the end of these Sailing Instructions.  The start times given for pursuit races are those for boats with a PY of 1200.





Cruiser Race 1

Sat 11.30

Points (Window Start)

Junior Sailing Trophy



Cruiser Race 2



Woodfin Cup / Duncan Goblet



Cruiser Race 3

Sun 10.30

Points (Window Start)

Regatta Cup



Regatta Shield



Regatta Plate






11.    The Start

The signals for starting a race will be given, as follows:

Warning Signal

5 mins

Audible: Bell/horn 

Visual: Board marked with Code No 1 Pennant (White with red ball) raised

Preparatory Signal



One Minute

Audible: Bell

Visual: Board marked with Code P Flag (White square on blue flag) raised


Audible: Bell /horn

Visual: Remove Code P

Start Signal

Audible: Bell/horn

Visual: Remove Code 1



All timings shall be taken from the Audible Sound Signal.

Cruiser points races will be started using a “starting window” of 10 minutes which will open at the scheduled start time (see instruction 10 above) using the starting signals defined above. Each competing boat will start when that boat crosses the start line during the window...

End of cruiser 10 min window will be signalled by 1 sound signal

The Race Officer reserves the right to amend the “starting window” on the day either by extending / shortening the window or giving individual start times.

Any changes will be notified 30 minutes before the five-minute signal on the race hut notice board.




For pursuit races, the first class of boat (by yardstick) will be started using the signals defined above.  Each subsequent class will be started by a sound only. The start times for each class will be posted on the official notice boards prior to each race.

The Starting Line will be marked by a transit between the red/white pole fixed to the Race Hut and the pole fixed in front of the Race Hut.

A boat shall not start later than 10 minutes after her starting signal or, in the case of cruisers, 10 minutes after close of the start window.

12.    Recalls


All boats shall stay below the start line before their designated start time. 


Apart from the individual boat / class start, if in the opinion of the Race Officer a boat has breech the above then a 1.5 point penalty will be given.


Any cruiser crossing the start line after the commencement of the 10 minute window will be deemed to have started.

When the individual / class start signal is given if any boats are over the start line a single sound  signal will be made.  It is the responsibility of the competitor to decide if they are over the line and re-start accordingly.

In the event of a general recall two sound signals will be given.

Any boat failing to re cross the line will receive OCS

13.    Change of Course after the Start

The course will not be changed after the start of a race.

14.    The Finish

Points Races. The Finish Line will be marked by a transit between the red/white pole fixed to the Race Hut and the pole fixed in front of the Race Hut. A sound (bell or Air Horn) will be given as each boat crosses the finish line. Boats failing to finish 45 minutes after the first boat finishes will be scored “Did Not Finish”.  Positions will be based on the Corrected Times calculated in accordance with the Portsmouth Yardstick Scheme.

Pursuit Races. The finish will be taken from a committee boat.  The nominal finish time of the race will be signalled by a sound (horn) from the committee boat.  The Finish Line will be an imaginary line extending from both sides of the committee boat across the river perpendicular to the centre line of the river.  At the approximate specified finish time of the race the committee boat will proceed from the leading boat back down the fleet.  A second committee boat may be used at the discretion of the Race Officer, starting part way down the fleet.  The finish of each boat will be signalled verbally by the race officer as it crosses the line.  All boats should hold position until finished in this manner from a committee boat.  Boats may be finished in either direction across the line.  The positions will be the order of the boats in the judgement of the Race Officer aboard the committee boat.

Competitors are not required to sign-off after each race at the race hut.

15.    Protests

Protests shall be written on forms available at the Race Hut and lodged there within 30 minutes of the specified finish time for the race.  The Protest Committee will hear protests in approximately the order of receipt as soon as possible.  Protest notices will be posted within 30 minutes of the protest time limit to inform competitors where and when there is to be a hearing in which they are parties to a protest or named as witnesses.  Decisions of the Protest Committee will be final in accordance with the racing rules of sailing.

16.    Scoring

Each race will be scored in accordance with the Low-Point scoring system, rule A.2 of the racing rules.

17.    Prizes

The following trophies will be awarded in the Regatta:

Tony Jennings Trophy           To the crew of the Cruiser with the lowest aggregate score from the best two results from the three races in the Cruiser Series.

Woodfin Cup                        To the crew of the single-handed dinghy with the lowest score in the Woodfin Cup Race.

Duncan Goblet                     To the crew of the two-man dinghy with the lowest score in the Duncan Goblet Race.

Junior Sailing Trophy            To the crew (aged 18 or under) of the dinghy with the lowest score in the Junior Race.


Regatta Cup                         To the crew of the dinghy with the lowest score in the Regatta Cup Race.

Regatta Shield                      To the crew of the dinghy with the lowest score in the Regatta Shield Race.

Regatta Plate                       To the crew of the dinghy with the lowest score in the Regatta Plate Race.

Regatta Bowl/Town Plate      To the crew of the dinghy with the lowest aggregate score from the best two of the Regatta Cup, Regatta Shield and Regatta Plate races. First overall - Regatta Bowl; best alternate (two-man or single-hander) - Town Plate

Prizes will be awarded as soon as practicable after the finish of the last race on Sunday.

18.    Safety

All competitors shall wear a recognised Personal Buoyancy Aid whilst racing.

The Race Officers decision in all matters relating to the application of these Sailing Instructions, and those matters not explicitly covered by these Sailing Instructions, shall be final.